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Our agents will assist you every step of the way to sell your home on your terms. We will:

  • Do a thorough and complete market analysis that prepares you with information to make an educated and informed decision related to your property
  • Evaluate recent market data, current economic conditions, and the condition and location of your property
  • Make recommendations and assist you in pricing your property to get the highest possible price in the shortest time with the least amount of inconvenience.
  • Suggest any necessary repairs
  • Suggest improvement tips to enhance the positive aspects of your home. Professionally market your home.
  • Market your property via the appropriate marketing methods that yield maximum results
  • Arrange immediate installment of professional signage indicating intent to sell.
  • Create an engaging MLS listing with professional photos of your home.
  • Host a broker open house (for agents only) and public open houses.
  • Expose your property to a maximum number of qualified buyers
  • Arrange showings and provide you with feedback from prospective buyers
  • If you are selling your primary residence, we will make appointments in advance so you are not caught off guard.
  • Provide you feedback on how many people have viewed your home and what they thought of it, as well as how many agents have viewed your listing on the MLS.
  • Inform you of current trends, market data, and your particular needs
  • Represent your best interests and consult with you regarding negotiation on all offers
  • Present and negotiate offers in your behalf
  • Avoid problems in a closing by paying attention to all of the details at the time the contract is ratified.
  • Foresee, mitigate and handle any issues that come up throughout the listing.
  • Ensure that the home inspection is done according to schedule
  • Make sure any necessary repairs are made prior to closing.
  • Foresee, mitigate and handle any issues that come up throughout the listing.
  • Oversee the entire closing process.
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